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VPCIR ™ REEAD TOP1 Activity Kit

The VPCIR ™ REEAD TOP1 Activity kit provide an easy to use, sensitive, specific and quantitative method suitable for the measurement of TOP1 activity.

The kit may be used with various inputs such as recombinant type 1B topoisomerases or crude cell/tissue extracts.

The applications span from drug-screening, for the identification of novel TOP1 inhibitors/poisons, to biological and anti-cancer research.

The assay allows for the quantitative measurements of 20+ samples faster than the state-of-the-art gel-based relaxation assay, giving reproducible one-day results. The readout is fluorescent and the TOP1 activity can be quantified upon visualization of the signals using a fluorescent scanner or fluorescent microscope without the need of a dedicated instrument.

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